Friday, 29 July 2016


Cantcopesville - (pron: cant-copes-ville)

Where you go when you just can't cope... With anything other than the daily grind.
It isn't exclusive to parents, it welcomes anyone who feels that their daily routine, has been.... Enough.

In my case, another day of tantrums, demands, dirty nappies, entertaining, pacifying, feeding, naps, fighting over who has the remote control car, who gets the 'big' teddy, who plays with the push chair, who wants what for lunch, where's the princess plate, why can't I wear my clean (but still wet) dress? The 'its not fairs' and the 'Its MY turn's'...... Are. Enough.

The washing, the ironing, the cleaning, the cooking of meals that they wont eat, cooking a separate meal for you and the husband, more cleaning, tidying the toy bomb thats gone off all over the house, the bath and bedtime struggle where your patience is so stretched, if you have to ask them to clean their teeth more than twice, you do so through gritted teeth with a voice that sounds like an Ork from Lord of the Rings!!! 
Its enough.

So when it hits 8pm and the kids are finally in bed. You enter 'zombie' mode.
Total. Zone. Out.

Any thoughts that you may have had earlier in the day about doing post kids bed time... Are just void. All the 'I'll look at that later' 'I'll reply to that later' 'I can do that tonight' just vanish! That's if you even remember them at all. To even have the brain power to recall these thoughts is a bonus.

THIS is Cantcopesville.
There is no talking in Cantcopesville.
There is no making plans in Cantcopesville.
There is no physical activity or chores of ANY kind in Cantcopesville.

There are no diets in Cantcopesville and phones will NOT be answered in Cantcopesville.

In Cantcopesville there is silence, crap TV, social media surfing, junk food, cups of tea and occasionally alcohol.
Blimey.... When I put it like that.... It sounds bloody brilliant!!!
Who's joining me?!

P.S. Be warned, Cantcopesville can be infiltrated by the occasional screaming baby/child who isn't sleepy/needs a wee/wants one more story/lost their Taggie neck the chocolate while you can!!

Mum bore

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