Sunday, 17 July 2016

Fish fingers and fussy eaters....

Caught up on gogglebox the other night and saw the Hemsley sisters cooking up some home made fish fingers for kids. 
Personally I was thinking... ok... why bother....but whatever.

Then they said they didnt have breadcrumbs so would be making a ground Almond and decassinated coconut crumb, with a hint of garlic.

What the hell?!?

Whose kids would actually eat those?! I mean come on!! You tell a kid they are getting a fish finger, then serve up fish covered in garlic, coconut and almond!!! I think even I'd be disappointed.

This got me thinking about fussy kids.

Firstly, If you have a fussy eater, you have my deepest sympathy.

Secondly, its NOT your fault.

I saw some article a while back where a kid would only eat yogurt. Thats it. Literally nothing else. Someone commented that it was the parents fault. Pre children I'd have probably said the same, but internally, I was crushed. That raw nerve had been hit! I have a fussy child.... was this my fault???
I didnt read the article... but unless the parents had ONLY ever offered the child yogurt...which I highly doubt.... then its not their fault.

I have two children, one incredibly fussy, one who eats everything.... sand... playdough... bathwater... if he can get it in his mouth... its gone. He also eats real food too.

With Eva it has been a loooong struggle, and I have tried and tried but there are some things that no matter how they are cooked, disguised and presented.... she will NOT eat. There is nothing worse than spending an hour slaving away in the kitchen for it to be refused, without even trying it.

Recently things have got easier, and thats mainly because....

I've stopped trying. Enough is enough.

Whats the point? It means I dread mealtimes, she dreads mealtimes, and Theo gets caught in the middle.

And you know what.... its SO much better.

So what if she eats the same 7 meals on rotation, every week?  She is happy, healthy, doesnt watch tv at the same time (anymore), engages in conversations with me, takes an interest in what her brother is eating, and meal times are less stressful for everyone.

Occasionally she will try something new. She has requested numerous times to try pizza, and although its the same result every time (one mouthful) I'm proud of her for trying. Thats all she can do.

Someone once said to me that as a parent your responsibility starts and ends with providing good, healthy food. If they wont eat it, there isnt much more you can do.

We all want the kid who eats anything and everything, and who will happily munch on a stick of celery rather than a biscuit, but the truth is, what YOU want doesn't come into it. You didnt spawn a robot, you had a child, with thoughts, feelings and tastes.

So if you have a fussy kid, go easy on them, and yourself. Get the fish fingers out, and have a day off.
Real ones that is..... from the freezer!


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