Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Adult Meltdowns

We all love an Irrational Public Meltdown... dont we?!
I'm not talking about kids this time, I'm talking about us!

Sometimes you just feel like the universe has it in for you and everywhere you turn, there it is, giving you the finger!!
You know those days, when you've just had enough. When there's nothing really wrong.... except EVERYTHING!!!
When your coping skills have been pushed to their limits and that fingernail..... that tiny little fingernail you have been using to hang on to this cliff called life.... finally.... snaps!!!
Yep. That was today 
I wont bore you with the details of all the events that led to said meltdown, but I think you all know what I mean when I say its a thousand little things, and then one tiny event will literally light your fire and BOOM!!! 
I could feel myself going as I walked into work and headed straight for the toilets.... only to find they were CLOSED for cleaning. Of course they bloody were!!! Universe you total A-hole!!
Luckily I work with a bestie who is also a self confessed cry baby! So after storming through the office to the toilets on the other side, she came and found me, the snot faced mess that I was.
I vented, cried, laughed, and went back to my desk, feeling a lot better.
Forgive me for being sexist but I think women are pretty good at this kind of thing. We cry, we get it out, and within 10 minutes its back to normal again 
Obviously the Men in the office were either blisssfully oblivious, or thought there was an actual catastrophie.
Chill out guys.... just a woman losing her shit, then picking it back up again. Nothing more to see.
Meltdowns and besties.... keeping us sane since the beginning of time! 

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