Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Meeting Constance Hall - The Dream VS The Reality

The Dream

Picture the scene... our eyes meet over a crowded room, she compliments my outfit, I make a HILARIOUS joke, she p*sses herself laughing.

We chat.... we connect. After the show we hook up, go for drinks, swap numbers.... and become all time besties. Lost souls.... finally reunited!

The Reality

I somehow manage to pluck up the courage to ask a question, waving frantically at Hugh the tour manager 'Pick me PICK ME GOD DAMMIT!!'

My time comes... this is IT....my time to SHINE!!

I can barely get out the words I am so fricking nervous. I babble something like "Oh my god I can't believe I am actually talking to you (CRINGE!) say something about her being a inspiration, everyone clapped so I think that's a good sign, I could barely hear myself think my heart was pounding SO HARD, she starts to answer my question.

I am suddenly aware I am gripping the microphone SO HARD my knuckles are white!! ok RELAAAAX I think... she says something about humour... I tell her she is hilarious in my best I. AM. A. ROBOT. voice (ffs).... and I think that's where it ended.

AARGH why am I such a goof!!

Next up... meet and greet! My second chance to woo her with my amazing personality and witty comebacks. No problem, I have totally got this!

Hmmmm well obviously as soon as I enter the room I turn into some kind of MUTE! I give her a silent hug (she gives PROPER hugs) and as she is signing my book I ask her if she wants to see my crown tattoo.

Well.... I think I actually creepily whispered into her ear 'can I show you something??' and she probably thought 'Oh GOD we got a CRAZY in here' but I brought it back... and I think she liked it.

I then scuttled off giggling like a schoolgirl saying 'Thank you' about a million times.

So, there we have it. This is how someone who is socially awkward meets influential people!!

So, there was no number swapping and no going out for drinks after, but it really was the BEST DAY EVER!!

The Q&A session was two hours and it was Amazing. At one point my bestie said 'I don't want this to ever end' we laughed (A LOT) we cried, and we shared. It was 300 women all coming together to support one another, to be honest, and raw and supportive and uplifting. It was beautiful and I will remember it always. ❤️❤️

...and as much as I love Con.... I'm perfectly happy with the besties I already have! 👑

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