Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Fed up!!

Today this mother is fed up.

Royally, and completely sick to the back teeth, fed up.

Fed up of feeling like she is wading through sodding treacle.
Fed up of continually tidying up other people’s crap, only to turn around and find the crap has once again, multiplied, times a million!!

Fed up constantly having to repeat herself because instructions like ‘can you start getting dressed’ apparently only become audible when they are said at least 5 times.

Fed up of the overspilling washing basket haunting her dreams.

Fed up of the ever increasing Christmas related activities ‘to do’ list, that she is currently failing to complete and is running out of time!!

Fed up of saying ‘well you need to be good boys and girls if you want Santa to bring you presents on christmas day’ because, quite frankly….the kids couldn’t give a toss!!

Fed up of the tears, the tantrums, the demands, the backchat and the narcissistic tendencies that radiate from her offspring!

Fed up of always feeling like the bad guy, because she has been pushed to her limit and has shouted much more than a good mum should.

Fed up of being the keeper, the buyer, the supplier, the washer, the knower and the wiper of ALL THINGS!!!!


Think me ungrateful if you like. I don’t really care.

I don’t moan because I don’t appreciate what I have, and I don’t moan because I want my family to disappear. We’ve all seen Home Alone, and it doesn’t really work out well.

I moan because I am a human being and no matter how much you love your family and your children, we all have limits!!

Quite frankly trying to negotiate with a semi naked screaming three year old, who has no idea what the fuck he wants, while you have approximately 15 minutes to get him, yourself and a 5 year old, dressed and out the door, so as not to be late for school, or work, is one of mine.

Sometimes the situations you find yourself in, are not actually moments where you feel like ‘loving every minute’ of parenthood.

And let’s face it, why would you??

Why would you want to cherish that shit? (Unless its as a reminder of why you should perhaps not do any more pro-creating)

You want to cherish the good stuff, not the bad! Like any normal, rational, human being.

So there you go, from one fed up parent to another.


You are not alone, or ungrateful. Just a Human. With limits!



  1. You, my dear, sound like you deserve a break away - the perfect Christmas gift *cough* mr Mum bore *cough*!
    It takes strength and courage to say you have reached your limit. It is by no means saying that you are ungrateful for what you have. The fact remains that some parts of motherhood - the repetitive nagging maid type jobs rare boring and frustrating. I have many of these moments myself. I’m sure we all do. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge it and embrace the peaceful moments we get - like a sneaky coffee/wine alone!
    Christmas defo sprinkles a layer of overexcited shit on it all as well.

    1. Sometimes you just feel so bad for having a moan though don't you? especially over such trivial things. Yes this time of year doesn't help, the days are short and the pressure is ON!! Roll on spring!! :) x