Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Crying toddler.... crying wife...

Today the husband came home to a crying toddler and a crying wife.

I thought these days were over.

From the minute I got Theo home from the childminders.... he whinged.

He whinged because I wouldnt let him play outside in the front garden, near the road.
He whinged because I wouldnt let him touch the fan and possibly chop off his fingers.
He whinged because I put Stick Man on instead of Peppa Pig.
He whinged because he wanted his Tea (which wasnt ready).
Then... when I turned off Stick Man and told him his tea was ready, he whinged!!
He sat in his highchair and cried. His Tea was outright refused. His drink, thrown on the floor.
I asked him what he wanted, he just screamed louder.

Meanwhile the tea I placed in front of Eva, which was made to her EXACT specifications, was refused because she wanted 'red pasta' not 'white pasta'.

Theo was STILL crying, and its 35 fecking degrees outside, Ive been at work all day, and had about 4 hours sleep because it was 35 fecking degrees yesterday too!!! 

I snatch Evas plate away, stick it back in the pan, make it 'red' and put it back in front of her.
She whinges. 

Husband walks in. I walk out. (Well.. upstairs)

Eva comes upstairs 10 minutes later.
'Are you ok mummy? Dont worry, I will look after you' 
Kids..... the power to drive you to the edge... and bring you back again!
Tomorrow is another day.
Hopefully a cooler one! 

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